04.07.2001. June milongas and other tango events

There was an upsurge of tango in June in SPb! We met with many tangueros: Joerg from Germany, Sergey from New York (who told a lot of new and interesting things about tango and made demo of his video about tango in BsAs), Anna from Portland (genuine tanguera, fascinated us with her irreproachably musical dance as a leader), artist Misha Lenn (who presented some his tango pictutes to our club ), Michael Rubah from Germany (who kindly agreed to share with us a part of his 9-years tango experience), Carolina from BsAs (who studied Russian in our Uni and has shown us the film about a tango in BsAs), Gregory Vazhenin from Stuttgart (who impressed our ladies by his subtle leading), Rune from Norway and, at last, Misha and Tanja, our compatriots from friendly tango-club of the city of Irkutsk!
Ira Galkina, being on tour on Spain, has visited local milonga and has danced there a couple of tandas with Spanish tangueros. One of them was Leo from Madrid.
On June 17 a friendly visit of tango people from Moscow led by Gennady Garanin took place. We danced in the streets, squares, courtyards, and even in the Summer gardens, Tango of white nights.

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