About Us

"Tangomania" is the first tango club in St.Petersburg, founded in 2000.

Since then, we've become a friendly and vibrant tango community. All of us are interested in Argentine tango and its culture.

Tango isn't just a dance form, it has a history and tradition that embraces many cultures brought together in Argentina more than a century ago. Tango is a unique world of movement, music and sensations. It is a language accessible to anyone seeking understanding and communication. If you would like to share our passion, study tango and its culture, just come down to our studio. We always welcome new friends.


Our club offers tango classes both for beginners and for advanced dancers. We teach social tango to anyone interested in the milongero ("close embrace") and salon styles. These world-renowned styles are danced in Buenos Aires clubs. We also teach modern Tango Nuevo style. The list of the argentine tango dances includes the tango, the milonga, the tango waltz and the canyengue. Despite its apparent simplicity, the tango has a rich language of movement and expression that is inseparable from tango music. Besides Tango Argentino in Tangomania we also offer classes of Salsa, Yoga, Latin Dance and Choreography. Classes are held at our Tangomania Tango Studio. Feel free to drop in.


We offer master classes with well-known tango teachers from Argentina, Europe and the USA. The first was held in October, 2000, with maestro Eduardo Fernandez from Washington. This was followed by classes with Lazslo Budai and Petra Banhidi from Budapest, Diego Riemer, Agustina and Claudio, Carlos Gavito and Maria Plazaola and others.


A milonga is a type of music and dance form, but the word also means a tango dance party with its own style and etiquette. Welcome to our regular milongas on Sundays!


In June, 2002, we held our first tango festival, "White Nights Tango," with tangueros participating from Argentina, Russia, the USA and other countries. Since then White Nights Festival has become a tradition and our major event of the year.

Russian Tango Academy

On July 13, 2004, Mr. Horacio Ferrer signed with us the Act of Foundation of the Russian Institution of the National Tango Academy of Argentina, pertaining to develop the culture of the Argentine tango in Russia.