14.07.2004Horacio Ferrer has visited St.Petersburg and Foundation of the Russian Institute of the National Tango Academy show

Director of Tango Museum, President of the National Tango Academy of Buenos Aires, poet, musician, philosoph, author of more than 50 tangos -
Horacio Ferer visited St.Petersburg 10-14 July together with his charming spouse Luisa.

13 July Horacio Ferrer, Julia Zueva, Alexei Barbolin signed the act of foundation of the Russian Institution of the National Tango Academy, BsAs.

Gallery: Horacio Ferrer in St.Pete

30.04.2004Master ClassesWorkshops by Carlos Gavito 26-29/04 in St.Pete show

Workshops by Carlos Gavito 26-29/04 in St.Pete

Gallery: Carlos Gavito in SPb

27.02.2004Master ClassesIrkutsk and Ekaterinburg work-shops by Alexei Barbolin show

Irkutsk work-shops by Alexei Barbolin

05.07.2003MilongasWhite Nights Tango in Capella 29 June, 2003 show

Grand Open Air Tango Event in the courtyard of SPb State Capella on 29 June at 18:30 with Remolino tango orchestra, St.Petersburg quartet, Ulita Fashion house, show by Agustina&Claudio and tango dancers of Russia, USA, Germany.

Gallery: Capella 2003

22.12.2002GOTAN in St.Pete! show

21.12 - GOTAN in Tingkoff bar!
French group recently signed to XL.
Gotan Project - 'La Revancha Del Tango'.

'Awesome' Muzik.

'Wonderful dance music. The Gotan Project are on it' Straight No Chaser
'The Gotan Project have proved that accordions have a place in dance music with 'Triptico', a beautiful, misleadingly uptempo track that scores... more...

01.12.2002MilongasGrand milonga in the Kolkhida restaurant show

Grand milonga in the Kolkhida restaurant on Saturday, 30th of November, Nevsky 176.

25.10.2002Master ClassesWorkshops by Tobias & Analisa, Oct.02 show

Workshops by Tobias & Analisa on 21-23 October, 2002.

Gallery: Tobias and Annalisa

02.07.2002MilongasWorkshops by Agustina & Claudio show

Workshops by Agustina & Claudio 28-30 June on 15 Mayakovskogo str.

Gallery: Ship White Nights Milonga, 2002

Gallery: Milonga at Prival Comedians (Photos by Ivan Nikolaev)

16.12.2001Julia and Alex performed in Petro Cup gala show

Photos by Ivan Ivanovich

Gallery: Julia and Alex performed in Petro Cup gala (photos by Ivan Ivanovich)

08.11.2001Master ClassesWorkshops by Lazslo Budai from Hungary in October and early November 2001 show

From 1 to 6 of November Lazslo Budai gave us excellent worksops on tango, milonga, waltz, show technique. On 4 November we held a milonga with Lazslo at Khrapkoff dance studio.

Gallery: Workshops by Laszlo Budai (photos by Alexander Belenky)

Gallery: Classes by Laszlo (photos by Ivan Ivanovich)

05.11.2001MilongasMilonga with Laszlo 4th of November on Mytninskaya St. show

photos by Savely Arkhipenko

Gallery: Milonga with Laszlo (photos by Savely Arkhipenko)

04.07.2001MilongasJune milongas and other tango events show

There was an upsurge of tango in June in SPb! We met with many tangueros: Joerg from Germany, Sergey from New York (who told a lot of new and interesting things about tango and made demo of his video about tango in BsAs), Anna from Portland (genuine tanguera, fascinated us with her irreproachably musical dance as a leader), artist Misha Lenn (who presented some his tango pictutes to our club ), Michael Rubah from Germany (who kindly agreed to share with us a part of his 9-years tango experience), Carolina from BsAs (who studied Russian in our Uni and has shown us the film about a tango in BsAs), Gregory Vazhenin from Stuttgart (who impressed our ladies by his subtle leading), Rune from Norway and, at last, Misha and Tanja, our compatriots from friendly tango-club of the city of Irkutsk!
Ira Galkina, being on tour on Spain, has visited local milonga and has danced there a couple of tandas with Spanish tangueros. One of them was Leo from Madrid.
On June 17 a friendly visit of tango people from Moscow led by Gennady Garanin took place. We danced in the streets, squares, courtyards, and even in the Summer gardens, Tango of white nights.

Gallery: 2001 Summer Tango Events

02.07.2001Master ClassesWorkshops by Eugenia Spitkovsky and Chan Park show

On June 30 and 1 July tango instructors from Washington Eugenia Spitkovski and Chan Park offered workshops in "milonguero" style using their unique Tango Made Simple method.

Gallery: Workshop by Chen and Eugenia

10.05.2001Master ClassesWorkshops by Metin Yazir, May 01 show

On May 7-9 Metin Yazir workshops for beginners and intermediate dancers in Visit Dance Center on 50 Fontanka emb.

Gallery: Workshops by Metin Yazir

29.04.2001MilongasBlue Retro Milonga, Apr.01 show

On Saturday, April 28 the club at 50 Fontanka Embankment hosted a Blue Milonga! The program featured Russian retro tango style, performances by musicians and dancers, tango with accordion and gramophone accompaniment.

Gallery: Blue Milonga

25.03.2001MilongasRed Milonga on 50 Fontanka show

On March 24 the club at 50 Fontanka Embankment hosted a Spring Red Milonga. The evening's program included demo performances by ballet dancers, tango dancers and La Plaza flamenco theater, music by Astor Piazzola played by the Tango Duet, an open class on tango basics, and a tango bar. Everyone wore red. The best improvisation of the evening was the electro-tango played by Bret Spencer on the violin. Photos by Savely Arkhipenko and Dmitry Anopov

Gallery: Red Milonga (photos by Dmitry Anopov, Savely Arkhipenko)

15.02.2001MilongasMilongas in the Theater and La Trattoria restaurant - Febr.2001 show

Milongas after the play "Mama, poor Mama" staged by our tangueras Lesya and Gayane at the theater on 115 Leninsky Prospect and milonga in La Trattoria restaurant. Photos by Dmitry Anopov

Gallery: Milongas at La Trattoria and in the Theatre on Leninsky Pr.

16.01.2001MilongasMilongas at Art-Spirit Club and Manhattan Club with Norberto Esbres & Luiza Paes (El Pulpo) show

On January 10 we held a milonga in Manhattan art Club along with a tango orchestra. On January 14 a milonga took place in Art Spirit Club with a Russian retro music and Norberto Esbres & Luiza Paes (El Pulpo). Photos by Savely Arkhipenko and Dmitry Anopov.

Gallery: Milongas with El Pulpo

15.01.2001Master ClassesWorkshop by Norberto & Luiza, Jan 01 show

Argentinians Norberto Esbres and Luiza Paes offered workshops for the first time in St. Petersburg on January 10-15, 2001.

Gallery: Workshops by Pulpo and Luisa

01.01.2001MilongasNew 2001 Year with Tango show

We celebrated a 2001 New Year Eve on 23 Fontanka and had a NY party in the Kamennostrovsky palace together with tangueros from Moscow and the USA.

Gallery: The 2001 New Year on the Stone Island

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