15.02.2007Milongas9-11/02 - musicallity workshop by Irina Petrichenko show

9-11/02 - musicallity workshop by Irina Petrichenko

Gallery: Musicallity workshop by Irina Petrichenko (photos by Dmitry Chebykin)

26.12.2006Master ClassesWorkshops by Julia and Alexei in Samara and Toljati show

21-24/12 Julia and Alexei made their 2nd tango trip to Samara with their classes.

Gallery: Workshop by Julia and Alexei in Samara and Toljati

19.12.2006Master ClassesTango Training by Tangomania for the Business Petersburg at Znamenka show

8-10 Dec. Julia Zueva and Alexei Barbolin held 3-days tango training for the Business Petersburg newspaper at Znamenka Palace.

10.10.2006Master ClassesWorkshops and show in Krasnodar show

Julia Zueva and Alexei Barbolin, Daria Nikolaeva and Andrey Panferov gave their classes and performed in the show in Krasnodar 30 Sept. - 1 Oct. Organizer - Recuerdo Club.

Gallery: Workshops and show in Krasnodar

05.09.2006Stars of Primorie, July 2006 show

Stars of Primorie, July 2006

Recuerdo-web.wmv - 8 593 К

Gallery: Vladivostok, July 2006

30.07.2006Choreographia in the Tangomania show

Choreographia in the Tangomania just started

Gallery: Regular Choreographic lessons in the Tangomania

01.06.20062006 White Nights Tango show

2006 White Nights Tango

2006 White Nights Tango

Gallery: 2006 White Nights Tango (photos by Jury Trol

20.12.2005Master ClassesClasses and shows by Julia and Alexei at Tango Festival in Budapest show

12-18 Dec/ 05 Julia and Alexei took part in the Tango Festival in Budapest with their classes and show in the theater.

Gallery: Tango Festival in Budapest

11.12.2005Master ClassesWorkshops in Samara show

1-4 Dec. 05 Julia Zueva and Alexei Barbolin made their tango workshops in Samara and Toliati.

Gallery: Workshops in Samara

26.10.2005Master ClassesWorkshops by Damian and Nancy 24-29 Nov. show

Workshops by Damian and Nancy 24-29 Nov.

24 Nov. – Grand milonga at Olympia club with show of Damian and Nancy and concert by Inspiracion orchestra.

25 Nov., Fr

#1: 20:00-22:00 Posture, connection in the couple in walking and ochos. Principles of building the embrace, energies. How to change the embrace from close to open and back, legs and feet in this.

26 Nov. Sat.

#2: 16:00-18:00 Principles of sacadas. Sacadas for men/women. And more interesting samples. Combinations of sacadas, barridas and change of directions.

#3: 18:30-20:30 Principles of volcadas and many samples. Techniques of volcadas and options – close and open.

27 Nov. Sun.

#4: 14:00-16:00 Technique of voleo. Linear, round, low and high voleos. Interesting samples for dancing voleos – close and open. Some ganchos and enganchos.

#5: 16:30-18:30 Principles of colgadas and many samples. Options – with different amplitude.

20-23:00 – milonga at Academia restaurant.

28 Nov. Mon.

#6: 20:00-22:00 Improvisation from walking, ochos, turns to sacadas and boleos. Possibilities to use all the material (temas) of the course.

Gallery: Damian y Nancy photos (

Gallery: Workshop by Damian and Nancy (photos by Nastya Pomogaeva)

01.10.2005Master ClassesWorkshop by Jorge Firpo 21-23 October show

Workshops by Jorge Firpo in St. Petersburg 21-23 October, 2005

details: 908-6678, 940-5024

Gallery: Workshops by Jorge Firpo at Tangomania

14.09.2005World Tango Championship in BsAs, aug.05 show

Julia and Alexei became finalists in Tango Salon category of the III World Championship, sharing 11-20 place in the superfinal.

Gallery: Buenos Aires, Aug. 2005

Gallery: Campeonato Mundial del Tango

03.03.2005Tangomania Club information show

The dancing center «Tangomania», Chaykovskogo st., 26, Office center, central entrance, 2nd floor
e-mail: phone +7 (812) 715-1934

Administrator mobile: +7 (901) 373-1934
Barbolin Alexey (director): +7(812)940-5024

Gallery: photogallery

30.12.2004MilongasNY Eve Tango Party 29 Dec. show

We held our traditional NY Eve Party at our friendly SashOl Club: 29 Dec. at 7 p.m., Sjeszinskaya str., 19.

Gallery: NY Eve Milonga at SashOl

12.12.2004MilongasWorldWide Day of Tango and Milonga at Academia show

Happy Tango Day to everyone! Let's share the most unforgettable dances and embraces at this day. Festive Milonga "My favorite tangos" is on 11 Dec. at Academia. You're mostly welcome!

03.12.2004MilongasRetro Milonga at Ulita show

RETRO milonga on 3 Oct. - at Ulita Salon at 35 Bolshaya Morskaya str.

19.11.2004Milongas18 Nov. - BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU Milonga at Academia restaurant show

BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU and TANGO at Academia restaurant -
18 November, from 7:00 to 11:30 p.m.

Address and phones: 2 Vasilievsky Island, Birzhevoj proezd.

(812)327-89-42, (812)327-89-47, (812)327-89-49, (812)327-89-48.

25.10.2004MilongasAutumn Tango Ball at Krownverk show

24 Oct. we celebrated the start of the new tango season by helding traditional Autumn Tango Ball on board of Krownverk restaurant.

01.10.2004Master ClassesWorkshops by Damian and Mila show

Lessons by Damian Ezequiel Buezas de la Torre and Mila Vigdorova ( 19-23 Sept. 04

20.07.20042004 White Nights Tango Festival show

2004 White Nights Tango Festival

25-30 June we held our traditional 2004 WHITE NIGHTS TANGO Festival.

Gallery: Hollywood Nights (photos by Vladimir Ubushiev)

Gallery: 2004 White Nights Tango (photos by Ivan Nikolaev)

Gallery: 2004 White Nights Tango (photos by Rodion Khramutichev)

Gallery: White Milonga, 2004 White Nights Tango (photos by Anastasia Pomogaeva)

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